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Delaware Street Mural


Concept Proposal

Proposal for mural competition. When conceiving this project there were 3 elements of the site that needed to be address: consider the site’s history as a canvas for graffiti, address the decayed condition of the wall and its dated design in relation to the new construction around it, make a gesture related to the Bankers Life Field House.



To connect basketball theme and urban street art in this image, the proposal blends the idea of the graffiti mark and the looping gesture of a bouncing ball. Because the work is also covering a length of older construction, this drawn gesture as a scribble or a marking that crosses out what is underneath. The project highlights the city as a space of intersection and connection for many people with various backgrounds on different paths, as well as being a playful, accessible gesture that allows the viewer to bring their own delight to their interpretation of it.


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