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Concept Proposal

Collaborative proposal for Warming Huts: An Art + Architecture Competition, Winnipeg, MB Team: Josh Coggeshall, Brian McCutcheon, Janice Shimizu, Donna Sink, Steven Putt. Blind Spot will shimmer in the landscape like a heat mirage or a snow flurry - but not quite like either. Its condition is a collection of not- quites: not-quite regular but not-quite casual, not-quite metal and not-quite wood, not-quite open but not- quite enclosed, not-quite architecture and not-quite art.



The visitor’s perception changes constantly upon approaching, moving around, and entering into the structure. An initially cold exterior skin gives way to an interior warm in color and material, but the interior shape is not-quite aligned with the exterior form. Nonetheless, the interior is welcoming, shaped by benches that emerge from wood walls and warmed by a firepit. Above, sky viewports (and a chimney) allow small flakes to mingle with the warming smoke - not-quite hot and not-quite cold meeting between ground and sky.


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