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Vonnegut Doodles


IMA Artist Designed Mini Golf Proposal, developed by Brian McCutcheon and Athletics NYC.

Indianapolis Museum of Art

Indianapolis, IN

Though a consummate doodler and lifelong art devotee, Kurt Vonnegut’s work as a visual artist has always been presented as a footnote to his novel-writing. To honor his visual art, a mini golf hole will be created that will be a reproduction of Mr. Vonnegut’s writing table and chair and uses Vonnegut’s illustrations and books as a sculptural landscape.

Kurt Vonnegut’s infamous definition of Indianapolis: ”...the 500-mile Speedway Race, and then 364 days of miniature golf, and then the 500-mile Speedway Race again.” will be included in the project as an additional reference to Vonnegut’s humor and roots in Indianapolis.

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